One of the five core strategies of ELAC is to develop tools and resources useful for all of
our stakeholders: Families, Providers, Educators, Funders and Policymakers.

Senate House Committee Presentation 2017
Category: Presentations

ELAC was invited to provide expert testimony to both the Indiana House and Senate Committees on Education regarding the state of pre-k in Indiana. The handouts include a summary of the key findings presented as well as the slides that were shared with both presentations.

2017 Annual Report
Category: Data, Infant, Preschool, Reports, School Readiness, Toddler, Tools

Annually, Indiana’s Early Learning Advisory Committee (ELAC) conducts a comprehensive needs assessment on the state of early learning in Indiana and presents recommendations addressing those identified needs to the Governor’s Office and the Indiana Legislative Committee. This report offers a thorough look at the findings and implications from the needs assessment completed for 2017.

Indiana’s Early Childhood Program Funding Analysis
Category: Funding

In 2015, the Indiana Early Learning Advisory Committee (ELAC) Funding Streams workgroup released the first report that identified the different funding sources in Indiana that support early learning (for children ages 0-5). The 2016 report still provides a broad overview of funding that supports children ages 0-5 but has a more in-depth analysis of funding that supports preschool.

Indiana Glossary on Early Learning Terms and Organizations
Category: Definitions

This glossary provides many helpful definitions to help clarify common terms and organizations related to early learning.

Early Head Start and Head Start Needs Assessment Report 2016 Indiana
Category: Evaluation, Reports

Annually, each Head Start State Collaboration Office (HSSCO) is tasked with conducting a needs assessment of Early Head Start and Head Start grantees (“Head Start grantees”) based on specific priorities from the federal Office of Head Start (OHS) and the State Collaboration Office. For 2015-2016,OHS has identified five priorities, and Indiana has identified one regional priority. The following report presents the results of the survey of Early Head Start and Head Start grantees in Indiana.

The Economic Impacts of Investing in Early Childhood Education in Indiana
Category: Child Outcomes, Funding, Reports

The purpose of this economic impact report is to assess the estimated benefits and costs of investing in high-quality, state-funded preschool programs for three- and four-year-old Hoosier children. The report evaluates the landscape of early childhood education in Indiana and demonstrates how an expanded state role in funding high-quality early childhood education may benefit Hoosier families and taxpayers.

Indiana Early Childhood and Out of School Learning Career Pathways
Category: Higher Education, Tools

The Indiana Early Childhood and Out of School Learning Career Pathways tool will help practitioners plan their training, education and career development goals so they may be well- prepared to educate, nurture and meet the needs of infants, children, youth, and their families.

Indiana Core Knowledge and Competencies
Category: Higher Education, Tools

Indiana’s Core Knowledge and Competencies for Early Childhood, School-Age and Youth Professionals offers a road map
for early childhood, school-age and youth professionals. It identifies the core knowledge and competencies (CKC) needed by professionals who work with infants, children and youth.

Visit to view a 10-minute training video that will walk you through what is included in the document, why CKCs are important, and how the CKC document can be used by people in various roles within early childhood and out-of-school time professions.

Statewide Kindergarten Readiness Assessment Survey Summary
Category: Evaluation

The Indiana Early Learning Advisory Committee's Evaluation of Child and Family Outcomes workgroup partnered with the Indiana Department of Education to assess the current Kindergarten Readiness Assessment (KRA) practices of Indiana school corporations. This report provides a summary of schools use of KRAs.

2016 ELAC Annual Report
Category: Reports

Annually, ELAC is statutorily required to conduct a comprehensive needs assessment on early learning in Indiana and develop recommendations for the Governor and Indiana General Assembly. The report includes a dashboard of key indicators to track progress over time and introduces a five-year strategic plan. It is a culmination of the needs assessment completed in the past year.

Early Education Matching Grant Year 1 Program Evaluation Full Report
Category: Reports

Indiana University completed the evaluation of the first year EEMG programs summarized in the full report. The Evaluation of Child Outcomes workgroup developed a response to the report available here. The EEMG Year 1 evaluation demonstrated that high quality preschool experiences resulted in significant gains and overcoming gaps in delays for the majority of the children involved.

Infant Toddler Presentation to ELAC Nov 2015
Category: Presentations

In November 2015, the Indiana Happy Babies Brain Trust workgroup presented to the Committee. The workgroup summarized their latest issue brief and presented recommendations for ELAC to consider to support Indiana’s youngest children.

Indiana Infant-Toddler Policy Brief
Category: Reports

Indiana’s Happy Babies Brain Trust, a work group of public and private leaders, has released an issue brief laying out recommendations for state action to support early childhood development from birth to age three. The issue brief summarizes research on the importance of early learning and development and provides data on indicators of young children’s well-being in Indiana.

Needs Assessment on Indiana’s ECE Workforce Presentation
Category: Presentations

In September 2015, the Workforce and Professional Development workgroup and the Center for the Study of Child Care Employment (CSCCE) at the University of California Berkeley presented to the Committee a summary of their recent studies conducted. The workgroup completed a needs assessment on the current supply and future demand of the early childhood workforce in Indiana, and CSCCE completed an assessment of Indiana’s Higher Education early childhood education programs.

Analysis of Funding that Supports Early Childhood Programs and Services in Indiana
Category: Reports

In 2015, the Funding Streams workgroup was tasked with establishing a baseline understanding of current funding sources that support early childhood in Indiana. The workgroup produced this memo that identifies the type of funding, the source of funding, the funding recipients and how the funds are used (categorized by ELAC’s focus areas of accessibility, affordability and high quality).

Family Engagement Toolkit
Category: Tools

The Family Engagement Workgroup developed this toolkit to help ELAC define family engagement for Indiana programs and help programs understand what quality family engagement looks like in actual practice. The toolkit includes a self-assessment tool that will assist programs in recognizing for themselves the quality family engagement work they are already doing and providing helpful suggestions for continuous improvement.

Kindergarten Readiness Assessment Definitions Overview Document

Indiana’s Early Learning Foundations (2015)
Category: Child Outcomes, School Readiness, Tools

The Foundations are Indiana’s early learning development framework that is aligned to the 2014 Indiana Academic Standards. The framework provides core elements that children should achieve from birth to age five in order to succeed in school and life, and establishes common language and expectations for the early childhood field. The Foundations include the following content areas: English/language arts, mathematics, social emotional skills, approaches to play and learning, science, social studies, creative arts, and physical health and growth. The 2015 revision was based on research, feedback from practitioners, and work from professionals with expertise in each specialized area.

White Paper on Data Privacy and Security Considerations
Category: Reports

The Data Coordination and System Integration workgroup developed a white paper on data privacy and security considerations. The white paper is a simple, yet comprehensive report that identifies the importance of adhering to data security and privacy principles but also key steps for a variety of stakeholders to follow. It is the intent that this report will help increase data sharing opportunities to connect critical data points and to inform stakeholders.

Overview of Kindergarten Readiness Assessment Definitions
Category: Definitions, School Readiness

The Evaluation of Child and Family Outcomes workgroup created a subgroup to develop an Assessment
Overview document which can be used to understand the various types of assessments that feed into an
overall picture of pre-K progress and/or kindergarten readiness. The document has been designed to be easily understood by all stakeholders regardless of their level of proficiency in this arena. This is envisioned as a useful reference document whenever discussions are held about the assessments that will ultimately determine progress in Indiana classrooms and among Indiana children.

ELAC Annual Report June 2015
Category: Reports

Annually, ELAC is statutorily required to conduct a comprehensive needs assessment on early learning in Indiana and develop recommendations for the Governor and Indiana General Assembly. The report includes a dashboard of key indicators to track progress over time as well as some tables with county-level data available in the appendix.

Approved Definition of Health Recommendation
Category: Definitions

The Child Development and Well-Being workgroup identified the importance of health in young children as a critical issue to address in 2015. The members determined that the first step was to develop a comprehensive definition of health. After a thorough discussion of the research, a consensus was reached to adopt the World Health Organization (WHO) definition of child health, which many other states and organizations have already adopted and use.

White Paper on the Importance of Child Health
Category: Reports

The Child Development and Well-Being workgroup developed a white paper to support the importance of health in young children. The purpose of the white paper document is to demonstrate the relationship between the importance of good health in young children and how it impacts child outcomes and later development (i.e., school readiness / academic performance).

Approved Definition of Kindergarten Readiness
Category: Definitions

In 2014, the Child Development and Well Being workgroup sought out to define what does it mean for a kindergartener to be “ready” as they begin school in Indiana. The definition encompasses the aspirational goals that are critical for all children to be ready for kindergarten. Knowing that communities across Indiana differ in many ways, this definition allows for flexibility in how children become ready for kindergarten. It is intended to be inclusive of all potential partners – such as families, communities, schools, and others – who may play a role in providing affordable, developmentally-appropriate and culturally-responsive experiences that contribute to children’s growth.

ELAC Annual Report June 2014
Category: Reports

Annually, ELAC is statutorily required to conduct a comprehensive needs assessment on early learning in Indiana and develop recommendations for the Governor and Indiana General Assembly. This is the first annual report produced by ELAC. The report highlights the current availability of early childhood education programs, and particularly high quality programs, for children and families.