Indiana Early Learning Advisory Committee

The seven members appointed by the Governor meet several times a year at various locations across the state. These Committee meetings include report outs from workgroups, updates on state and local-funded early learning projects, and presentations from key stakeholders. The Committee hears and votes on recommendations from workgroups and other stakeholders during these meetings.  The Committee’s work is focused on ensuring that children ages birth to 8 years and their families have access to affordable, high-quality early childhood education programs that keep children healthy, safe and learning. Please see information regarding the Committee’s meeting schedule below.

Committee Chairwoman

Maureen Weber | Early Learning Indiana

Five Year Goal

By 2020, critical early childhood local and statewide infrastructure will be in place and delivering increased accessibility, affordability and high-quality.

Meeting Time

1pm EDT

Next Meeting

Nothing to show.

Location: TBD

Meeting Agendas, Summaries and Resources

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